Using Natural Clays to Improve Your Skin


I’m sure you’ve done it or at least been tempted to do it.

What am I talking about? A facial, of course! It’s so hard to resist them. They promise you an hour to relax while someone works magic on your skin. They make all sorts of promises: youthful skin, no wrinkles, acne free, etc.

If you’ve given in, though, you probably already know that they aren’t worth it. There’s no question that facials are relaxing. Some may even make you skin look better. But does it last? Is it work $100 or more? Probably not.

So what’s the alternative?

It just so happens that there is a natural and much more cost efficient way to improve your skin. Notice I didn’t say cheap. Why? Because cheap has a negative connotation—cheap usually makes people think low quality. Well, there’s nothing low quality about at home masks! There are, however, two main things to look out for when purchasing a quality clay mask...

1. A mask should be natural.

The whole purpose of a mask is to remove impurities and detox, right? We want to rid the skin of anything that might be “holding it back.” So why smear on chemicals? The only way to purchase a natural mask, though, is in its dry form. If it has any sort of liquid or oil in it, it will need a preservative and there are no effective natural preservatives. So look for a dry mask that you add water to at home.
In addition to being natural and more pure, dry masks will also last longer. You get more bang for your buck!

2. A mask should be pure.

Look at the inGREdients. If the mask says for example “French GREen Clay, Bentonite Clay, etc.” chances are that it’s “diluted.” The main inGREdient, the one doing the work, is going to be the French GREen Clay. The bentonite clay is just filler in this case. So know your clays and which is best for your skin type so that you can spot when something has been added as filler.

Another example, if you have oily skin and want a strong mask that’s going to really cut down oil then you probably don’t want something like milk powder added in (another common filler).

So what’s the best way to use a mask? Well we did say that we wanted to relax, right? So here’s a GREat way to treat your skin and relax!

1) Fill a bowl halfway and heat it. Obviously, use a microwave safe bowl, or pour hot water into any old bowl.

2) Carefully bring this bowl to your bathroom.

3) Take a clean towel and hold it over your head as you carefully lean over the bowl. You should create a small “tent” with your town. Now … breathe. Yes, breathe in and out very slowly and relax. This will help prepare your skin and your mind. You can do this for as long or as little as you like.

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4) When you are ready to move on you’ll prepare your mask. First, wash your hands. Then, take a clean and dry (make sure it is dry) spoon and scoop out a little clay. You can pour this clay into your hand or into a cup, which ever you prefer. Then add up to two-parts water to one-part clay.

5) Mix your clay and water combination and let it sit for about a minute. Wash your face well while you wait and pat dry with your clean towel.

6) Next, smear the freshly created mask on your face (and neck if you’d like). Make sure to put a medium to thick layer—if it’s too thin it will dry too quickly. It may take a couple tries before you learn just how many spoonfuls of clay you’ll need to get it just right but you’ll get it!

7) Now here’s the hard part. Sit down and relax. You can close your eyes, read a book, listen to music, whatever it takes, just enjoy this couple of moments to yourself.

8) Once the mask has completely dried (about 5–10 minutes) wash off with soap and warm water.

9) Lastly, apply your favorite moisturizer (and DON’T skip this step!).

You’re all done! All that’s left to do is marvel and your beautiful skin!

Want to take it up a notch? Rather than breathing in plain water or adding plain water to your clay, you can add teas! Two GREat options are chamomile tea and GREen tea. You can use just about any tea or floral water, though!

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and that you’ll give it a shot. Let me know how it goes!

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