Reclaim Your Dreams, It’s Time to Come Alive


Have you settled for less in your life, when you used to dream that something bigger, something grander, was possible? Not only possible, but you knew for certain it would happen, didn’t you?

Then something happened…

You got responsibilities.

You had to be practical.

But you don’t have to follow the herd anymore. You can make your heart and your mind work together. You simply have to realize that this so-called “collective wisdom” is really a collective assumption.

Any of these old sayings (sleep walking mantras) sound familiar?

??? * Get a real job.
??? * Welcome to adulthood!
??? * Grow up.
??? * Keep your head down.
??? * It’s called work for a reason!

These are all fine and dandy. They may have been more applicable in say, your grandfather’s time. Labor was expected for the larger part of sunlight and there wasn’t a lot of opportunity to follow your passions (unless you liked mining coal).

Technology has completely changed that. Social media, web 2.0 and blogging can help you establish yourself in any field with lightning speed. The amount of free information online is staggering, and it doubles every few years. There’s no longer any excuse.

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So what’s stopping you?

I’ve asked hundreds of people what the biggest obstacle to living their dreams is. The number one response is always uncertainty and doubt. Not time, not money, but simply the inability to take a risk. It comes in a few different guises, but under the mask they are all the same.

Here are a few examples of uncertainty and doubt getting in the way of pursuing your dreams:

??? * Not knowing what will happen if you fail.
??? * Being afraid of going for what you want.
??? * Lack of belief in yourself.
??? * Fear of being wrong.
??? * And yes, sometimes even fear of success.

But the biggest deterrent, by far, is not knowing where to start. You might know what your dreams are, but you just don’t know how to get there. You don’t know how to make them a reality, instead of just a fantasy.

I’ll tell you a secret… No one knows how to make their desires real prior to taking the first step. Knowing comes from doing. Paths are made by walking.

So the trick to making your dreams happen, is not to have a perfect plan, but to stop caring about not knowing.

The number one secret to making your dreams a reality, is changing your auto-response.

Instead of letting “I don’t know” keep you from moving forward, change your auto-response response to “I’ll figure it out.”

We have a lot of auto-responses and ungrounded beliefs that hold us back from pursuing our dreams. In my new ebook, Reclaim Your Dreams, I reveal what these obstacles toward living your dreams are, and show you the solutions to moving past them.

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