• Paul McCartney《My Valentine》:最新黑白手语版MV

    Paul McCartney《My Valentine》:最新黑白手语版MV

    音乐讯:My Valentine是披头士乐队成员保罗·麦卡特尼2012年新专辑Kisses on the bottom中的首发单曲,在第54届格莱美奖颁奖晚会上有表演。保罗·麦卡特尼被认为是二十世纪顶...

  • 只能在梦里思恋你:All I Have to Do Is Dream

    只能在梦里思恋你:All I Have to Do Is Dream

    英乐:这首歌曲有很多翻唱版本,当然最著名的还是埃弗里兄弟1958年4月发布的单曲原唱版本。歌曲由切特阿特金斯(Chet Atkins)用吉他伴奏。1958年6月2日,它是唯一一首“公告牌”单曲...

  • 英乐合辑:又是一年明月夜


    英乐: 又到中秋分外明,中秋佳节倍思亲。 海上升明月,天涯共此时。中秋佳节将至,除了吟上几句古往今来那些耳熟能详的佳句,远在异乡上班或是上学的孩子又该想家了吧。不管是回家还是不回家过...

  • 爱人不要哭泣:Bob Marley - No Woman, No Cry

    爱人不要哭泣:Bob Marley - No Woman, No Cry

    艺人:Bob Marley 语种:英语 唱片公司:Def Jam 发行时间:2002年05月21日 专辑类别:精选集 专辑风格:Roots Reggae, Political Reggae No, woman, no cry No, woman, no cry No, woman...



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A man was driving to work when a truck ran a stop sign ... hit his car broadside, and knocked him cold. Passerbys pulled him fr...


I want to go out 我想出去

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A shop owner1 closed2 his shop and went home. He was3 very tired but just as4 he went to bed, the telephone rang. A man asked,...


The Perfect Son 完美的儿子

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A: I have the perfect1 son. B: Does he smoke? A: No, he doesn't. B: Does he drink whiskey? A: No, he doesn't. B: Does h...


Response 回应

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Frequent hand-washing in my job as a medical technologist and the harsh1 Alaskan weather combined to give me very dry skin. One...


I wrote 我写的

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One of the guests turned to a man by his side to criticize the singing of the woman who was trying to entertain them. "What a...


Prepare Yourself 自己准备

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A story around campus1 has it that a student once sent a telegram to his parents reading: "Mom-flunked all courses. Kicked out...


Cheater 作弊者

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In class one day, Mr. Johnson pulled Johnny over to his desk after a test, and said, "Johnny, I have a feeling that you have be...


Difference 区别

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Jane: What is the difference between electricity and lighting1? Mary: One must pay electricity dues, the other needn't. ...


She Didn't Laugh 她没有笑

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The boss was telling jokes. Everyone laughed uproariously. But a girl sitting in the corner was not amused. "What's the m...


Different idea 想法不同

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A young man and his girlfriend were sitting together imagining their happy life in the future. The young man said, "How free and...


His reason 他的理由

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A young writer was hoping that the editor would accept his novel. But the editor said, "You have no reason to ask me to publish...